To the Editor,

If 911 is called but the caller cannot discuss the problem or answer followup questions, emergency services will respond in most cases.

However, modern technical advances provide several different possibilities for both routine and emergency communications.

The American Disabilities Act addresses 911 in Paragraph 35.162:

“Telephone emergency services, including 911 services. shall provide direct access to individuals who use TDD’s and computer modems.” TDD roughly means Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf but the broader category is in the title of Sec. 225: Telecommunications services for hearing-impaired and speech-impaired individuals. Furthermore, such means are required to be available and fully monitored 24/7.

In a recent article in this paper, it was stated that such special 911 capability was not yet available in Ellis County. That must change. Congress has required better communications for more than 20 years! Full 911 service is a priority, not a budget option.

Beyond the 911 topic, legal directives moreover contradict official factions establishing independent entities at any level of government.

Recent workshops of county employees spread the prejudice that IE’s can exist even as that is contrary to federal law. I am not impressed by such codependent illegal strategies celebrated by those entrusted as public servants and neither should you be.

From official commentaries, “...a public entity may not aid or perpetuate discrimination against a qualified individual with a disability by providing significant assistance, organization, or person that discriminates on the basis of disability in providing any aid, benefit, or service to beneficiaries of the public entity’s program.”

“...prohibits the public entity from limiting a qualified individual in the enjoyment of any right, privilege, advantage, or opportunity enjoyed by others receiving any aid, benefit, or service.”

“...prohibits the public entity from using criteria or methods of administration that deny individuals with disabilities access to the public entity’s programs and activities or the perpetuate the discrimination of another public entity...”

“The term criteria or methods of administration refers to official policies of the public entity and to the actual practices of the public entity.” Elsewhere: “by effect or by design.”

Basic 911 is an example of entity cooperation and in itself exposes the independent entity myth as a pipe dream often used to license/hide breaches of due process as well as circumvent the practice of checks and balances

Dear Ellis County: Obey preemptive applicable federal laws. Any dodge is a subterfuge, trick, hoax, ruse, wile, ploy, stratagem, artifice, dodge, bluff, pretense, deception, fraud, blind, smokescreen, could be part of a scam. Such official behaviors are disgusting and might be, are, and shall be addressed formally as needed.

Officials need to be serious and competent and are not made so by mere wearing of court approved garb.

Blll Shaw,