Issues like gay marriage and abortion make us choose sides and I donít like that very much. †

Even when you are right you can be divisive.

I guess a big shot at the Starbuckís corporation shot off his mouth telling shareholders if they donít like a liberal agenda they can sell their stock and go down the road (thatís my interpretation of the story). †

We donít have to be like that do we? Canít we be liberal without hating conservatives? †

The conservatives, I hate to say, are not much better. †

Do you remember when the Baptist people boycotted Disney for some ďliberalĒ policy that offended them Ė we saw how that worked right? †

Too often Christians look weird to the mainstream and then we wonder why people donít go to church. †

I read somewhere that we are to be the salt and the light of the world and if the salt loses its saltiness it is no good (has the church lost its value in our culture?) †

I think we have too much of James & John in us, who after a village of Samaritans rejected Jesus, wanted to pray down fire from heaven to destroy the reprobates. †

We wish it was that easy Ė we are instead to love. We are to love (want the best for people) at all times regardless of our political views.

The Bible tells us over and over not to be so easily offended and it tells us to ďbearĒ with one another (Colossians 3). †

I heard about some local Christians who were offended at the comments of the Starbucks big shot and they have stopped drinking Starbucks coffee. †

Some have done so quietly (I have admiration for these people and this is their prerogative) others have done so not so quietly. †

Why donít we love as loud as we hate?

Donít we overcome evil with good? †

I can tell you whatís good Ė a tall dark roast with a morning bun.

Donít you put a light in dark place?

I think I will go do some good today (support the pagans) and be a light in a dark place (go to Starbucks). †

I hope the line is short and my favorite barista is working.

Isnít grace and love more fun than hate and stomping out injustice? †

Christianity can be fun, see you at the coffee shop!

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie.