In an effort to attract more adults, perhaps those who are more hands on rather than readers, the staff of Nicholas P. Sims Library offered a how to class Saturday, July 27. Two Home Depot employees were on-hand to teach residents how to build their own Adirondack chair. Linda Esselman and James Donovan took a room full of adults through a detailed class on how to build one of the most famous outdoor chairs ever designed.

Donovan works in the hardware department at the store and led the class.

“This project we're going to be working on today is the building of Adirondack chairs,” Donovan said. “We are providing you with a booklet of instructions and if you follow them, you can't go wrong.”

Donovan added that there is a list of tools provided in the manual, but one of the most important tools to have is what is known as a speed square.

“This little thing is handy,” Donovan said. “If the instructions require a 20 degree angle on something this tool will help you make that perfectly. All you do is bringing over to where it says 20 degrees and then mark your line. It's that simple.”

Other than the materials necessary for making the chair, Donovan stressed another important piece of equipment – protective goggles.

“No matter what you do you always want to use a pair of safety glasses,” he said. “It doesn't take long for something to splinter and fly into your eye. It's worth the $4 that you will pay to protect your eyes.”

Donovan has been an employee of Home Depot for 10 years. He was a tool specialist for 15 years with a different company and has been a toolmaker for 45 years.

As he took the class into the production of the chair, Donovan instructed the class to be sure to follow all measurements as specified in order to ensure the success of the chair. He taught them how to cut the lumber, the significance of painting or staining the chair and other ways to decorate the chair.

Participants were also given an opportunity to take part in the drilling, measuring and the assembling of the chair.

At the completion of the class, an Adirondack chair was raffled off.

Adult Services Librarian Heather Lee said they wanted to have Home Depot out to hopefully draw new people to the library. She said they plan to host a craft for adults each month.

“In August, we're going to have a paint your own book bag,” Lee said. “Each participant will have a chance to design their own book bag and take it home.”

Lee said its important to offer things like this, because they want people in the community to know they're here.

“Not everyone likes to read,” she said. “We wish they did, but that's not the case. This is a great way for us to make ourselves known in the community and provide something free to the adults.”

For more information about the activities being offered at the library, call 972-937-2671.

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