To the Editor,

This letter will most likely be published after the march that Alan fox used his free speech rights to rail against. To all the merchants the march did affect I ask, does Alan Fox speak for you or is he using you? Silence is consent and I will assume that you take his stance, therefore I will not shop in your store.?Also, after reading Alan Foxís letter outlining his disdain for someone using their right to free speech and them exercising it stains the city. That combined with the number of houses for sale in a city that is majority conservative has forced me to make a simple request.??Alan, please shut up with the muddled minded liberal clap trap you spew. All you are doing is driving equity down. And your coffee shop is nowhere near downtown. Itís in a bookstore. So let the merchants you speak of speak out. Quit trying to speak like you have amassed a following that you speak for. ?

Daryl Stanford,