To the Editor,

In teaching a youngster the skill needed to hit a baseball the constant message is to “keep their eyes on the ball” — that failure to do so will only result in a swing and a miss. In a speech this week at Knox College Obama laid the blame for our economic ills at the feet of Congress because they had “taken their eye off the ball” by being distracted with “an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals.”

I will agree with the President that Congress has “taken their eye off the ball” by an endless parade of distractions. For weeks we have heard nothing but commentaries on the Zimmerman trial and the race-baiting by Obama and his minions, while Congress has been obsessed with making those who broke our laws in coming into our country legal, granting them de facto amnesty and putting them on a path to citizenship.

“Phony scandals” Mr. President?

• Four Americans, including our ambassador, were murdered in Benghazi while you did nothing to rescue them and then lied about it in a pathetic cover-up. Strike One.

• Hundreds of Mexican citizens and a U.S. Border Guard have been murdered by the drug cartels in Mexico with weapons supplied by your Justice Department which has thwarted any thorough investigation into their role in the fiasco. Strike Two.

• The IRS was used as a political sledgehammer against individuals and groups opposed to your agenda and re-election. At first you blamed this on rogue agents. However, evidence is mounting that the directives for this activity originated in the White House. Strike Three.

• We have learned of the NSA compiling the records of every email, phone call and internet usage of every citizen without compliance to our protected rights in the fourth amendment to our Constitution. Strike Four, Mr. President.

In baseball you only get three strikes and you are out. However Mr. President, you have had multiples of three strikes during your five years at the plate; and yet, there you still stand in the batter’s box, swinging away. Congress may have taken their “eye off the ball,” but the “ball” they’ve ignored are your many factual scandals. Swing and a miss Mr. President — you’re out!

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas