To the Editor,

A couple of days ago I had the good fortune to have a ringside seat to watch the Sheriff’s Department do a vehicle search. I was sitting across the street from all the action.

A sheriff’s deputy stopped an older minivan with two people, a man and a woman. They were asked to stand off the road while the car was being searched. A female officer stood near the woman. The officer went to the man a couple of times to talk to him.

When the officer was finished with the search, he closed all the doors on the van and went over to the man and shook hands with him. I guess everything must have been OK.

I was very impressed with the low-key professional way that this event was handled. We need to be very thankful for the type of law enforcement people we have in this county.  I think our sheriff, Johnny Brown, has done a superb job of training these deputies. I also think the message has gotten out that if you are going to do something bad, you had better find a different county.

Don Frisbee,