RED OAK – Red Oak City Manager Todd Fuller announced Friday he is asking the city council to form a committee to review police department procedures to ensure that the procedures are in compliance in regard to racial profiling.

“The purpose of this committee is to identify any potential deficiencies in the department and recommend any necessary remedies,” Fuller said.

The committee will be asked to determine if there are any specific instances where racial profiling may have occurred or had been suspected. Additionally, it will review interracial relations within the department, minority community outreach efforts, as well as the recruiting and retention of a diverse police force.

This committee would include a racially diverse group of experts in the field of law enforcement, race relations and areas related to race and the criminal justice system. At the end of the committee’s work, a final report will be produced to identify any potential issues and recommend any necessary remedies.

The request came at the end of the week following the resignation of Red Oak Police Chief Craig Rudolph.“Chief Rudolph is aware that despite improvements to the department, there are a number of pressing issues which must be resolved,” said Fuller in a statement released following Rudolph’s resignation Wednesday evening. “While the review of these issues is ongoing the Chief’s resignation allows us to move forward in addressing and resolving any outstanding issues as quickly as possible.”