They say that baseball is a game of statistics. A game where percentages and odds are the framework of winning teams.

They’re right. But there’s one factor that seems to be easily lost in all of the mathematical equations of America’s favorite pastime.

The intangible factor that never shows up in the box score — but is perhaps the game’s most important element — is fun!

You only have to visit Waxahachie’s Optimist Fields during the summer’s long days, and watch the faces of the young ball players.

They don’t care when they bat, they just want to go to the plate and hit. If a helmet’s a little too big, they’ll make the best of it.

When the coach yells “Get to the ball,” it’s all in, and if you’re a girl who’s just scored the winning run on a field full of boys, well, there’s nothing like the sweet smile of success.

Never mind daydreams, or the constant words of encouragement from the bleachers. While every player that takes the field dreams of growing up and playing for a Major League Baseball team, right now, they are content learning skills and just being part of America’s greatest game.

Waxahachie Youth Baseball Association has set the stage for growth, for new skills and for a lifelong respect for the game of baseball. You only have to do one thing ... head out to the ballpark ... and have fun!