To help people in the community beat the summertime heat and to raise extra money, 11-year-old Bianca Ramos of Waxahachie and her neighborhood friends came together to sell fresh squeezed lemonade to passerby on Marvin Ave. Thursday.

With one of her friends standing by the road yelling, “Lemonade. Fresh squeezed lemonade only 75 cents a glass,” people began to stop. If only out of curiosity, drivers and their passengers began pulling over on the side of the road.

Ramos said once the people recognized what they were doing they were all too happy to purchase a glass.

“We've only been out here several hours and we've already made at least $20,” Ramos said. “Our plan is to be out here until at least six tonight. There is no telling how much money we will end up raising.”

The idea to set up a lemonade stand was established the night before when all of the kids were sitting around talking about going out to eat.

“Me and my friends were sitting around the house Wednesday night talking about how much fun it would be to go out to eat for dinner,” Ramos said. “We especially want to go to Cici's Pizza.”

She said in order for them to go they needed to earn some extra money. That's when they decided to set up a lemonade stand by the road.

“I was sitting there thinking man it’s really hot outside I could really use some lemonade,” she said. “We decided right then to put all of our money together and go buy what we needed to make it work.”

Ramos said they had made some money from a previous fundraiser they held the day before, but they didn't get a good response, because it wasn't close to the road.

“This time we decided to have it right here by Marvin and we have been doing much better,” she said.

Each person had a specific job to make the fundraiser a success. Ramos' younger sister was given the task of squeezing the juice out of the limes and lemons. Another child assisting with the project was given the duty of pouring the drink into glasses, but perhaps the most difficult task was assigned to the only boy in the group. Ramos' friend Gannon was the one making the lemonade, because all of the girls agreed he is really good at it.

Not sure if they would actually have enough to take everyone out to eat, all the children said they were having fun and enjoyed meeting new people during their lemonade sale.

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