To the Editor,

Ellis County Open Carry is planning a march through downtown this Saturday. Evidently the city government says this is OK. A permit was issued, the E.C.S.D and W.P.D. have cleared  the event and the parade route was approved. By whom? Our city council?

A letter was sent to downtown merchants on July 24. The letter advises the merchants to inform their customers of what is happening when a group of armed people march past them. The event will be July 27. Why the short notice? Is this really the image of Waxahachie that will revitalize our downtown  businesses? The effect on the first-time visitor will be what? Who will provide security in case a participant decides to display more than their second amendment rights? The rally point is on a parking lot next to the parks building. Is that city property?  

Now anyone with half a brain understands that the law says you can have a gun under the second amendment. So be it. We do not need to be reminded of that by a mob of gun toters shoving that fact in our faces. It is within their constitutional rights to do so, which I support. But why do they need to stain the face of Waxahachie in doing it? Especially in a place that is normally described as “quaint” and “full of old town charm” that brings much needed out of town dollars to the coffers of our local businesses. Economically this is a detriment to our  community. Publicity wise it is a fiasco for the city of Waxahachie.

The people have the right to free speech. We also have the right to be aware of what our city property is being used for and by whom. We also have the right to address any action of our government. Several serious concerns are evident here. Why was this not brought before the city council with appropriate time to allow the citizens and the businesses affected to respond or state their objections? Why was not a notice posted? Was an application for a permit brought to the Council’s attention? And if so, why was it not made public? Will the parade be walking in the streets? Will traffic be halted? Normally we see action of the city council for this. Why not now? Was this event approved by the people’s representatives on the city council? And why are we just now hearing about it?

Let them march. Let them display their arms as guaranteed by their right. The only thing missing will be the torches and pitchforks. But do not disallow any citizen to not have a voice.

Alan Fox,