Pastor Ken Ansell of Community Life Church is heading up a lawn ministry in order to provide jobs for men in the community.

He said he kept coming across men who weren’t employed, but wanted to work and felt this would be a great way to help them and the Waxahachie community.

“This is not about providing jobs for men with addictions or those just out of rehab,” Ansell said. “This is about helping men in this community find work and provide for their families.”

Ansell said people have a tendency to tell those in need that they will “pray for God to open a door for them,” but he said these men need more than that.

“They needed someone to come along and be willing to do something to help,” he said. “I felt the best thing to do was to find what they were good at and give them a chance to make money at it.”

After talking with them, he discovered that several of them owned lawn equipment. He talked with them about providing lawn service to members of the community and they agreed.

Ansell said he went throughout the city seeking properties that the men could upkeep and got a good response from individuals and businesses.

“We now have enough business to keep us busy for at least two days a week,” he said. “For a couple of the guys that works out great, because they are not capable of working a full work week.”

The main purpose of the ministry is to provide an income for the men, but Ansell said it’s so much more than that. He said they approach each day like a job.

“I’m out there with these guys every day,” he said. “They aren’t the most eloquent speaking guys. In fact, they have really filthy mouths. Buy it’s not about washing the outside of the cup. It’s about having the opportunity to speak life into them every chance that I get.”

He said they have lunch together each workday and they talk about any and everything that pertains to life.

For Ansell, the thrill has been seeing the pride on their faces when they complete a job and receive payment for that job.

“One of the guys was somewhat homeless when I met him,” he said. “He was living in his car. He was able to spend one night at Daniel’s Den, because they don’t allow men to stay there. Joy (Ranton) stayed up with him all night.”

He said the man didn’t need a program or a rehabilitation facility, he needed his dignity back and he has found that through the lawn ministry.

For more information about the ministry, contact Ken Ansell at 972-921-4221.

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