Ellis County Open Carry is hosting an educational event that will take place in downtown Waxahachie from 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Saturday, July 27.

The event seeks to educate the public about second amendment rights and open carry laws.

We are going to have an open carry event and there is going to be a march. It is not a protest or anything like that. We are not going for civil disobedience, event organizer Rc Lyon said. It is an exercise of a second amendment right and also a way to educate people on what their rights really are.

Lyon said the event would also feature an open carry march around downtown Waxahachie. The march should take place around noon. People will be permitted to bring long-barreled guns such as rifles and shotguns to the event but pistols would not be allowed.

Volunteers with the event will be checking to make sure that there is not ammunition in the chamber of each weapon. This is to prevent any accidents from happening.

A lot of people dont understand what their actual rights are as far as open carry, Lyon said. We are going to try to educate them on what they can and cant do. What it means to open carry as far as the law.

Along with educating people about second amendment rights the event will also educate people about gun safety and introduce people to members of the law enforcement community. The event will feature a number of speakers from around the area, who will speak on non-political topics and will center their messages on topics such as individual rights, liberty and freedom.

The event would be held in the parking lot across from city hall that is located 401 S. Rogers St. in Waxahachie.

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