Waxahachie Police Department Assistant Chief Brad Doughty will be retiring after spending almost 25 years working in law enforcement. Doughty’s last day on the job will be Wednesday, July 31. Doughty announced he is taking retirement to pursue business opportunities in North Carolina.

“I started in law enforcement in the early 1990’s with the Dallas Police Department and graduated from the Dallas Police Academy in 1992. I worked for Dallas for a short time as a reserve officer there. I went to the city of Cockrell Hill for a short time and then I came here in July of 1993,” Doughty said. “I have been here for 20 years. I love being a police officer. It is truly a great job and a great career. “

During his time at the department Doughty has held a number of different positions. Some of these positions include serving as a patrol officer, a SWAT team member, a property room officer, an administrative sergeant and working in criminal investigations.

Doughty was promoted to his current position as administrative assistant police chief in March of 2011. Some of his duties include ensuring officers take the proper training classes to remain current in their certifications and working with budget issues.

During his time at the department Doughty was given the opportunity to attend the FBI National Academy this year from January to March. The academy provides a course of study for both professional national and international law enforcement officers. Courses of study at the academy include forensic science, leadership development, communication health and fitness and behavioral science. Participation in the academy is by invitation only through a nomination process.

Doughty said the academy was tough but it was something that he really enjoyed.

One of the major projects that Doughty took the lead on was helping the department earn recognition in the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program from the Texas Police Chief’s Association Foundation. The department earned the recognition year.

The program is voluntary and the department had to do a complete audit of all its policies and operations. During this process assessors from the association-conducted interviews with members of the department, inspected facilities and did accompanied officers on patrol.

Waxahachie became the 70th law enforcement agency within the state to receive the recognition due maintaining a high standard of excellence which has become the new gold standard. There are around 2,600 agencies across the state and only 76 have earned this achievement.

“We have a good department. I think that there were only 23 officers here when I was hired and we are in the upwards of 50 now.” Doughty said. “The thing about being a cop is when you are out there on the streets you depend on one another and you do become a family.”

Taking over for Doughty, as the new assistant police chief will Det. Dale Sigler. Doughty said Sigler is a good fit for the position and will do very well. One piece of advice Doughty has for Sigler to remain accessible to everyone, to keep the lines of communication open and to have an open door policy.

After doughty leaves the department on July 31 he and his family plan to relocate and make his permeate home in North Carolina. Over the next few years he will be moving his construction business to the state.

Doughty said while he will miss the law enforcement profession and the people that he has worked with over the year he will be very busy in the next chapter of his life.

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