To the Editor,

Obama said that 35 years ago he could have been Trayvon. After seeing pictures of both acting like thugs and smoking pot and reading Obamaís autobiographical account that glamorizes his gang pot smoking days and seeing the similarities to Trayvonís Facebook postings. I must admit that I agree with Obama.??

I am appalled by the recent events and the race baiting that is going on. I look forward to the day when as Americans we can become colorblind and elect a black President. Hopefully that will truly unite the divisions created by the race baiters. (I am not confused. Following the rules of the race baiters Obama has to be white if Zimmerman is white.)?It is also appalling that Obamaís local ardent supporters do not call him out by name on his race baiting. Then again they are busy playing their own baiting game.

Daryl Stanford,