aleb and Robyn Muetzenberg with Gymnastic Zone in Waxahachie received national attention after competing in a USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet in Kansas City earlier this month.

The duo, along with their coaches, traveled to Kansas City, Mo. competing July 9-10.

Kaleb, 14, became involved in gymnastics about a year ago, while Robyn, 12, has been involved in gymnastics since the age of 2.

At the competition, Kaleb placed first place in the trampoline event. In trampoline competition, a gymnast’s routine is a combination of varying twists and rotations in the air after making contact with the trampoline bed and ends with a landing.

Kaleb also entered the double mini-trampoline event where he placed third. The double mini trampoline is smaller than a regular trampoline and has a sloped end with flat surface in the middle. Gymnasts have to run a short distance, jumping on the sloped end first and then perform a skill. Then the gymnast is required to hit the middle area of the trampoline, perform a second jump and skill before landing on a mat.

Kaleb said the event was very competitive. He said he was very confident in his ability when competing because of the amount and quality of training that is put in before hand. To remain focused and keep calm during each meet, Kaleb said he prepares by praying.

Robyn placed seventh in the double mini trampoline, 20th in trampoline and 13th while performing a tumbling pass. In a tumbling pass, gymnasts have to do a short run up, jump up into the air, perform a skill and follow through with a landing.   

Robyn said she was a little nervous because there were a lot of other people competing at this event, but seeing her family in the stands cheering her on helped her to do her very best.

Their parents, Robby and Sara Muetzenberg, also coach Kaleb and Robyn. The pair trains about 15-20 hours each week to help improve their skill, technique and form.

One of the factors the two have to overcome before heading out to the mat is the soreness that is left over from the previous day. Before practicing the gymnasts must do a lot of stretching to prevent injuries. They must also eat a healthy diet.

Robby said no gymnast at the Gymnastic Zone goes to any competition unprepared. Participants at the gym train at a higher level than that in which they compete in order to build character, integrity and confidence. It also sets them up to be successful at competitions.

The Gymnastic Zone is located 3705 N. U.S. Highway 77 in Waxahachie. The Gymnastic Zone is a member of the USA Gymnastics Association, and all of the coaches are USAG certified.

For more information, contact Gymnastic Zone at 214-934-0719.

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