To the Editor,

I encourage all to read the bill as I have and come to their own conclusions rather than listen to an insulting, mouthy, self-proclaimed speaker of the local community.??

I disagree with HB2. Not because it limits killing a child after five months of conception. But because it draws a line that says killing a life is OK before five months of existence.?The problem abortion supporters have, besides calling themselves “Right to Choose” is that they are on the side of death. The other problem they have is they do not realize that the Right to Life supporters do not see a difference between ripping a baby apart in the womb or throwing an infant into a wood chipper. Both are extremely EVIL!?We have heard from the vocal one in support of killing innocent children, that our government is meddling in reproductive rights of women. I disagree strongly. Life begins at conception. I fail to see why the debate is being framed as a woman’s reproductive rights issue. That is long passed at this point. She has made the choice to reproduce. It is now a choice of slaughtering innocence for convenience.?The same one is telling the government to keep out of women’s wombs. I agree totally.?The abortions that are funded by Planned Parenthood forces all of our hands into a woman’s womb to dismember and extract a baby. ALL OF OUR HANDS ARE BLOODY IN THIS ATROCITY. That is the way I see it.

Daryl Stanford,