To the Editor,

I am deeply saddened that a sitting president would go on national television and make a statement against out court system. Isn’t he an attorney? How can anyone except the ones present know what actually happened? In order to trust the justice system we must accept the final decision of the courts.

Mr. President, I am a “white American Indian” and I am socially mixed with men of color every day. Do I fear them? NO! Am I scared of them? NO!

But, Mr. President, if I am walking down the street alone, at night, and someone, be they white, black, Hispanic or female and they present themselves as a hoodlum, will I cross the street? You damn right I will!

The only reason I would not cross the street would be to pull the gun from my purse and blow their brains out before they kill me. But what then?

I would be just another George Zimmerman walking around with my life being threatened.

Why can’t we just put a stop to this race business. It has been dead for years if we would just let it die.

Mary Meeks,