To the Editor,

You remember the scene from the movie “Titanic.” Leonardo DiCaprio standing upon the railing of the bow of the Titanic, arms outstretched proclaiming “I’m king of the world.” Well, move over Leo, you’ve been dethroned by Barak Obama.

During his taxpayer-paid extravagant vacation to Africa a few weeks ago, the President signed an executive order aimed at combating the poaching of African wildlife. In order to facilitate this goal, he also authorized granting the government of Tanzania $10 million of our tax dollars.

The first question is, where did Obama get the authority to hand over our money to this government? I don’t recall hearing where Congress appropriated funds for this purpose. This authority to spend money is found in the article of the Constitution that deals with the powers granted to Congress, not the Executive branch. It could be argued that Congress made a block authorization of money for the Executive branch to use in aiding other nations, but the constitutionality of that procedure is a subject best dealt with in a separate discussion.

The second question is where is such an expenditure of money found within the purview of the government? Where in the Constitution is this a lawful expenditure of our tax dollars? The answer is simple — there is no authority.

So we have a president who has now transcended not just congressional power in the United States by legislating via the fiat of his executive orders, but has expanded to not just other nations, but entire continents!

We see where he continues to ignore the enforcement of laws he does not like, or portions of laws that are not politically convenient to his hold on power (namely, the postponement of the employer mandate of Obamacare). These are the actions of a despot or a king, not the executive of a republic whose powers are restrained by a Constitution and held in check by the other branches of government. All hail, Barak Obama, “King of the World!”

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas