To the Editor,

If only George had not gone out hunting that night. If only Trayvon hadnít gotten himself suspended and wound up in that neighborhood. If only George would had stayed in the car. If only Trayvon† had ran away instead of turning around. If only the jurors were made aware of Georgeís history of physical violence and harassment. If only Trayvon hadnít smoked weed. †

If only we hadnít watched the endless coverage in the media. If only the media hadnít use the case as a marketing tool to secure advertising dollars. If only it hadnít become divisive debates on gun and civil rights. If only it hadnít become about race. If only if it hadnít become political.

If only some had not used the verdict as an excuse to loot and riot. If only some have not used the verdict to make excuses to try to justify the actions of each participant of the incident. If only we could stop analyzing what the verdict means. If only we could quit feeding at the trough of sensationalism.

No one knows the true facts of what happened that night. Not the jury. Not the media. Not you, not me. Trayvon Martin knew the facts. George Zimmerman knows the facts. Let him live with them. Let us not continue to glorify this senseless act of violence against one another with our attention. Let us instead glorify the goodness in us with our actions towards one another.

If only.

Alan Fox,