Construction is underway on several streets throughout the Gingerbread City. Crews from Austin Bridge and Road have started working on the first four streets that are a part of the city’s street rehabilitation program.

Director of Public Works Jeff Chambers said the streets that crews are working on include Shoreway Circle, Lakewood Drive, West Jefferson and Lake Park Avenue. The work that is being performed on Lake Park and West Jefferson is a process called a hot in place recycle.

This process is used when the surface of the street is cracked but it is still structurally sound underneath. Crews heat the existing asphalt to a couple of hundred degrees with a large burner pulled by a tractor-trailer. Once the existing surface gets into a hot liquid state new asphalt is mixed in and is layed back down. 

Chambers said this process is not only economical but creates a new driving surface when completed. The city has used this process on other streets such as Marvin Avenue in the past. The Marvin project  lasted for 12 additional years. 

The work being done on Shoreway Circle and Lakewood Drive is a process called scarification. Scarification is the process where the existing surface of the road is ground up in a machine that is similar to a rototiller. Then the road is smoothed over with a grader, re-compacted and an asphalt surface is applied. Work is on track for the first four streets should be completed this week. 

Some of the other streets included in the 2012-2013 street rehabilitation program include Lakeshore Drive, Old Italy Road, South College Street, West Avenue C, Dewberry Street, East Light Street, Hilltop Lane, Peters Street, Stadium Drive, Solon Place Way, Grove Creek Road, West Sterrett Road, East Highland Road, Marshall Road, Blackchamp Road, Long Branch Road and Lions Park Road.

The Waxahachie City Council awarded the contract to Austin Bridge and Road at its March 18 meeting. The total cost of the project is about $1.7 million and should be completed in 90 days. 

Austin Bridge and Road has done previous work for the city during the 2011 street rehabilitation project and the runway expansion at Mid-Way Regional Airport.

Work is expected to start on the Kirven Avenue Street project in early August. The city council awarded the bid to JLB Contracting in the amount of $1,489, 404.20 at its July 15 meeting. The work that is going to be done on this project includes replacing water and sewer lines, the drainage system, street pavement, sidewalks and the curb and gutter. The renovation of Kirven Avenue will be from from West Marvin Avenue to Sycamore Street. 

Chamber said that the topography of this neighborhood presented many unique challenges. Among them were steep front yards, a large number of mature trees and existing landscaping. When designing this project the city adopted a design philosophy to be sensitive to the existing landscape and terrain and to minimize the negative impacts upon the neighborhood. 

Along with the street work, city council members approved combination tax and water and sewer system revenue certificates of obligation at the July 15 meeting. The certificates of obligation total $5 million and will be used in connection with roadwork in the Gingerbread Village subdivision and the Kirven Avenue Street project. These bonds will also help to fund the purchase of property for a future police station.