RED OAK — Trucks, sport utility vehicles, passenger vehicles and classics-in-the-making lined the lot at Tow Pro in Red Oak on Saturday. 

Prospective buyers searched the auto lot in hopes of finding a treasure to fix up and customize. 

“This is the auction that is set for police impounds for the city of Red Oak, the city of Waxahachie,  the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Ellis County Sheriff’s 

office. We do this every 90 days and we auction off cars that have been left or abandoned,” said Tow Pro Co-Owner Lorri Girard. 

“The kinds of vehicles that we have out here are wrecked vehicles that were not picked up, abandoned vehicles and arrest cars where people have not been able to show proof of ownership,” Girard said.

Girard stated that people such as auto crushers buy the cars for junk and then crush them out. 

“We have people come in that need an extra car for the family. We also have rebuilders that come in and rebuild cars and sell them,” Girard said.  

Before the gates at Tow Pro were opened at 9 a.m. there was a long line of eager people waiting outside in the parking lot. As soon as the gate opened buyers began inspecting the lot for vehicles they would like to take a chance on. There were 28 vehicles to be auctioned off on Saturday.  

While many of the vehicles were beyond repair and some more suited for parts and scrap, a real head turner was a 1960s era Buick convertible. While the tires were flat and the convertible top was in shreds, its bright red paint job and massive grill seemed to command attention. Many people stopped to take a look. 

Red Oak resident Gregg Saner was in attendance. Saner goes to auctions on a regular basis with a friend and has been to many police auctions across the Metroplex. Each auction has a different mix of vehicles to look at and choose from. At Saturday’s auction the vehicles Saner was looking for included anything he could get cheaply and make a quick turnaround on to resell.

An odd car that the duo had purchased at a previous auction was a former Drug Enforcement Administration vehicle that still had emergency lights and sirens installed on it, Sander said.

Other vehicles on the lot still had life in them and were able to turn over and run. These vehicles included a bright blue Chevy Blazer, a Ford F-250 truck and a Dodge minivan. Once the engines were started people came over to inspect them to see what good qualities remained. 

Another buyer at Saturday’s auction was Matt Parsons of Garrett. Parsons has been running an auto recycling business for the past 10 years and was looking for a few vehicles that he could purchase to recycle. Parsons said auto recycling can be profitable if there is not too much competition at an auction. 

A lot of the vehicles that Parsons buys are through online auctions. They have been impounded or have gotten damaged in accidents. But some vehicles are in decent shape and can be given a second life. 

Once the inspection period was completed, auctioneer Steven Wall with Four Star Auctions opened up the bidding, selling one car after another.  

For information about future sales contact Tow Pro at 972-938-3221.