To the Editor,

On a beautiful July Fourth day, I traveled to the Waxahachie Parade in town with my mother who was here to visit me from New York, my grandson, my daughter and her new 3-month-old baby and my boyfriend to enjoy an outstanding morning of America at its finest. This is the things memories are built on, so attached to me as always, was my new Nikon P510 camera I had received at Christmas this last year. We really had a great time and I captured all this fun on my camera. I am always so proud to show my finished work to the rest of my family and friends so they are also included in these precious memories.

We continued our day to Buffalo Wild Wings for an early lunch. Again, I carried my camera in a black bag in hopes to take a few pictures there also. The restaurant was fairly empty so our lunch was served quickly. We all ate and visited, paid our check and went on about our business. I can only do so much without getting some rest because of terminal illness, and was tired so we returned home so I could get a nap. There was about three hours between our lunch, a nap and our next activities for this holiday. Again, I went to get my camera and it was then I realized it was not at my home or car, and the last place I had it was in the restaurant. I immediately called to let the manager know what happened and was sure it they would have the camera.

The restaurant did not have my camera anywhere. I understand I left it, but what really bothered me more than anything was how I was treated by their staff, manager and even district manager. I was completely blown off. It has been over a week now. I have made numerous calls and I have not received one call back pertaining to any investigation that I was told would be conducted, research of your security cameras, I was told would be looked at. Nothing was done at all. If I would had just a call back from management letting me know the restaurant had done all it could do to help find my camera and that it conducted a thorough investigation of all staff, at least I would have known they tried to help me find something that was so important to me.

I have never written a letter to a newspaper before but I want everyone to know how I was treated during this event and maybe open up the managementís eyes to the fact it needs to treat its customers better and help them when they are distressed. This is not an American restaurant at its finest.

Christine Shanto,