To the Editor,

Liberals are so given to a make-believe view of what justice is that the script written by the Hollywood writers posing as news for the networks demands that they fall lockstep into the party line. Even in the house of the Lord you feel the radical leftwing political correctness.  The horrible death of a young man and the grieving of his family is appropriately a matter for the prayers of all decent people who call upon God to heal human pain. But, that is NOT the only thing that occurred in the events leading to the murder trial of George Zimmerman…and six human beings had the moral courage to place the knowable facts above political hype.  They placed citizenship ABOVE the leftwing demands of the media, and their political cohorts in the pulpits of liberal religion.

In chuches of liberal persuasion, the Zimmerman family did not merit public prayers. The incredible abuse of religion for leftwing Democrat politics … is terrible. The radical leftwing have won most of the cultural battles this past decade. But, the sanity of six jurors who placed the law above politics was an encouraging omen, we can only hope, for a day when skin color will be the glad expression of the Creator’s diversity, rather than mere leftwing power politics.  Maybe then, Dr. King’s dream will be alive when ALL victims of the abuse of power will be treated with compassion and fairness and decency … even the family of George Zimmerman!

Whether one is addicted to the Hollywood hype that sees no value in George Zimmerman, himself, or else, a truly fair-minded human who wants justice to prevail for all people as often as possible, it is STILL right to pray for what happened to Zimmerman’s people. But, that cannot be allowed in liberal circles. I am coming to the conclusion that liberals no longer possess a conscience … except as scripted by Hollywood writers. May this radical insanity be exposed for what it is, and be abandoned by all who really possess a desire for life and liberty and justice for every citizen, regardless of group affiliation.

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,