To the Editor,

The recent government invasion into the reproductive rights of women by the overzealous deacons of the Church of Our Religious Views instead of freedom has brought a few questions to the forefront.

Should the government then, in the spirit of gender equality, demand that any man only be able to father children as regulated by the state? Should, after the number of children to be determined by the state is reached by any male who receives taxpayer subsidies, then must he have a government mandated vasectomy? Should any man who needs fertility health check-ups or treatment be required to have such tests performed only at a government approved facility at the manís expense?† Should any male who does not adhere to government mandated conditions for procreation and impregnates a woman and coerces her to not fulfill the full term then be considered a criminal and subject to the application of the laws of the state pertaining to reproduction? Or is it any of the governmentís business how a man conducts himself in regards to reproductive activity?

Seems only fair.

Alan Fox,