Thanks to my personal trainer's new partnership with FX7 Crossfit Gym in Waxahachie, kickboxing has made its return to my weekly regimen. Although I wasn't able to participate in the inaugural workout on Tuesday morning, I was able to get a sneak peek at what lies ahead for me and all of those who participate at the indoor fitness facility.

For trainer Renee Byrd, the new partnership allows her to be back in what she calls her element.

“These guys called me up and invited me to be a part of this,” Byrd said. “Being the visionary that I am, I walked in and saw nothing but opportunity.”

She saw an opportunity to change more lives in the community and an opportunity to bring indoor fitness to her contenders at Camp Gladiator and the participants of Take It Off For Life.

Implementing kickboxing and cardio kickboxing was the first thing on her agenda.

“Immediately we are going to get back to some kickboxing,” she said. “Participants can expect a lot of bag work and strength and conditioning.”

The strength and conditioning workouts will be a new element of my fitness training. It will involve a number of exercises and equipment to build the foundation, which you need as an athlete or even just day to day in order to perform your daily activities. Some of the equipment Byrd is going to utilize is kettle bells, medicine balls, boxes for box jumps and many more. She said this new partnership affords her the ability to bring all the elements of outdoor fitness indoors.

“I think it's a great concept to have outdoor fitness, indoor fitness and the sand pit at one facility is just amazing,” she said.

The gym's co-owner and beach volleyball specialist Brandy Bryan also talked about what makes this partnership with Byrd so unique.

“We do cross training here, which is a resemblance to the local Crossfits,” Bryan said. “It's geared toward class based programming, where you have a trainer in every session. We do a lot of agility and jump training with the local high school and college athletes.”

Bryan said the goal is to grow the gym in order to provide programs for a healthy group of people who will go out and participate in everything being offered at the gym.

He said the hours of operation for the gym are based on classes, which are typically offered in the evenings. Before they offered kickboxing classes, the only other programs being offered were zumba and cross training.

Another unique attraction of FX7 is the sand pit, which is located behind the facility. Bryan said they offer adult and junior volleyball leagues. He also provides a select volleyball program for junior girls and boys. They also offer a recreational volleyball league. Coming in the fall will be sand dodge ball, sand flag football and sand soccer. Volleyball open play starts at 5 p.m. and goes to midnight on some nights.

Bryan traveled all over the U. S. as a competitive beach volleyball player for about 15 years. He said he got into coaching when his daughter decided she wanted to play the sport.

“I've been doing this for about five years,” he said. “As soon as she got interested in volleyball I started our indoor club and beach club program.”

Byrd's kickboxing classes are held at 5 a.m. Tuesday and 6:45 p.m. Thursday. Her strength and conditioning classes are held 6:45 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Thursday. The cost for the classes are $60 for 12 workout sessions for CG contenders and $72 for 12 workout sessions for all other participants.

For more information about the workouts, contact Renee Byrd at 972-741-1271. For more information about FX7, contact Brandy Bryan at 972-998-7230. FX7 Cross Training is located at 6350 North I-35 near the Sterrett Road exit.

To reach Renee Byrd or if you have fitness questions, contact her at 972-741-1271 or Her responses will be posted in next week’s Fit for Thought column, which appears in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Light.

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