‘On Rick Perry’

To the Editor,

I am shocked to hear that Rick Perry won’t be our governor any more. Who are those business tycoons going to have to get them those fat state contracts now? I mean RickyBear was really good at collecting a fee (err, a campaign donation) in exchange for a bigger payoff later. What’s the harm, those schoolkids can eat when they get home. Those businesses needed our tax money more to keep their stockholders happy. Now all that is up in the air.

Will Tricky Ricky run, dare I suggest (dare, dare!) for the Republican Nomination for President? That would be wonderful to myself and hopeful nation. We would love to see Hillary in the White House. I will even contribute to Rickster’s campaign. Let our homie know I got his back.  About the same way he has had the back of the people of Texas for the last 12 years.

Or now I hear he might become the President of Texas A&M. What?  That would be putting an C average student who didn’t have a real job outside of politics in charge of a major university funded by your tax dollars. One that educates our children and the future leaders of our state. I mean, wow, look how our educational rating on a national level improved under his stellar “leadership.” About as qualified  for that job as he is to be our next POTUS.

Why not run for pimp, umm Governor again? Could it be that he was paid not to run? Maybe the evil Emperors needed a new Darth to send the national economy into a third world  status so the global billionaires can improve their bottom line by excluding the working class from any benefit of a robust economic climate. Hey, that’s what been happening in Texas on Perry’s watch. The uber-wealthy have made out like bandits while the middle class has suffered even while playing above board and by the rules.

So good luck to Rick Perry. Or should I say good luck to the rest of the nation if by some bizarre happenstance we have a good-haired President. After what we have witnessed by his supposed governorship of our great state, we will certainly need it.

  Alan Fox,