The last time Waxahachie new head basketball coach Damien Mobley was on the same court as the Dallas Madison basketball team, he was leading them to a state championship.

The Trojans won another tournament Thursday night, but there wasn’t quite as much fanfare afterward.

The Runnin’ Indians hosted summer basketball league for the last month and it culminated in a tournament Thursday. Waxahachie and Dallas Madison each won a pair of games earlier in the night to reach the championship game.

Waxahachie fell behind by 10 points with less than eight minutes to go, but were able to rally back to make it a one-possession game with two minutes left thanks to a runner by Lonnie Johnson.

Madison scored again to take a five-point lead, but back-to-back baskets by DJ Green, thanks to steals from Johnson and Trevon Smith made it a one-point game with eight seconds to go. The Trojans were able to play keep away for the final few ticks and held on to get the 37-36 victory.

Despite the loss, Mobley was glad his new team got to see a taste of what his old team can do.

“This is great. I couldn’t have scripted it better,” Mobley said. “This way we get a chance to see up close what made my Madison team so successful. They can see the style of play that can win a state championship.”

Waxahachie had a size advantage thanks to Londyn Slaughter, but the Madison guards were so agile and quick, the Indians’ size advantage was just about nullified. The Indians were limited to just 15 rebounds in the 28-minute game.

Mobley is going to try to put the Runnin’ back in the Runnin’ Indians.

“They are starting to show that they can keep up a little bit with a fast team,” Mobley said of the Indians. “I do like how the Waxahachie guys are catching up and playing with some confidence, which is something that we tried to get them to do.”

Coaches aren’t allowed to coach their teams during summer leagues like this, so Mobley was relegated to the scorers table and had to just watch the game. He was glad to see his old players though.

“It’s great to see that they are sticking with the game and working out during the summer,” Mobley said. “It can be tough losing your coach and want to keep playing for your school, especially in Dallas.”

Waxahachie got solid performances this summer from players like EJ Lockhart, Lee Wheaton and Andre Mills. This fall’s team appears to be heading in the right direction.