The National Association of Active/Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), Chapter 1191, held its monthly meeting in Waxahachie.  

Presley Donaldson, guest speaker, is a graduate from New Mexico State University and the University of Texas at Arlington. He retired as a navigator from the United State Air Force, and was a ground school instructor for American Airlines.  

Donaldson currently serves as a four-term Texas Silver-Haired Legislator.  

He commended NARFE for its continued advocacy for public service, and spoke about the Texas Silver-Hair Legislature, which is a nonpartisan legislative body of seniors who are 60 years and older.  

The Silver-Haired Legislature was assigned to identify needs for the elderly, find solutions and write a report with recommendations to the Texas officials. Before this could happen, it required action of numerous people, including the State Advisory Council to the Texas Board on Aging and Staff, Texas Area Agency on Aging, Champions in the House and elected officials. The response was from 116 older Texans. 

  The members of TSHL set the standard for leadership and action to make Texas better for the elderly. 

The TSHL do not pass laws, they pass resolutions which benefit the elderly. 

There are now 28 Texas Area Agencies for Aging in Texas or AAA’s. His recommendation is that you find the closest AAA to you and join. The TSHL web-site is   

NARFE membership is also open to all with a federal retirement program.  

The federal community faced unprecedented assaults in the 112th Congress. Accordingly, NARFE’s legislative efforts focused on defeating misguided proposals attacking federal employees and retirees. 

Some of the accomplishments for the 112th Congress (2011-2012):    

• Successfully opposed a switch to the Chained CPI to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), as proposed by the Simpson-Bowles Fiscal Commission. 

•Successfully opposed proposals to place postal retirees and/or employees into a separate health insurance plan and, 

•Prevented reduction or elimination of federal retirement annuities. 

For membership information, in Midlothian call 972-268-5793 or 972-775-2463, in Waxahachie call 469-939-8102, in Ennis call 214-949-6197, in Red Oak call 412-722-6307, and in Corsicana call 903-874-3092.