To the Editor,

I have never written a letter to a newpaper before, However, I feel so strongly about the unfairness taking place in Austin. Governor Perry, Lt. Gov Dewhurst and allies are† changing the rules in order to pass their anti abortion legislation. Only requiring a majority vote in a heavily weighted anti-abortion legislature constitutes CHEATING. The vast majority of Texans do not agree with† their extreme veiws on this issue. These representatives are supposed represent the people of Texas,† not their personal views, nor the views of wealthy political contributers. Their distain for the women of Texas (especially the poor) is so, so blatantly evident. Shame on them!

Whatís next?

Changing the rules to deter women from casting their votes in state elections? Sounds crazy, but it would not surprise me. Of course, Iím sure it would be for ďour own goodĒ as† with† their anti-abortion rhetoric. In closing, I urge them to play fair and institute a two thirds majority requirement to pass this legislation. I might add, I am a 73 year old mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. Iíve seen so many† positive changes in womenís lives. These representatives must stop throwing up road blocks against womenís reproductive rights. Itís a fundamental right. (No more wire coat hangers, please).

Joyce M. Brissie,

Plano, Texas