Containers on Wheels (COWs) of Ellis County is officially open for business in Red Oak. The storage facility is located at 722 Valley View Ave.

Lisa Allen is the local owner of COWs, and said the mobile storage units are an extension of her family-owned company A&B Self Storage.

“Containers on Wheels or COWs as we call them are mobile storage units that can be delivered and picked from your home or business,” Allen said. “These units are used in a variety of ways, but the most traditional way is for those in the process of moving.”

Allen said she has been living in her house for the past 20 years and couldn't imagine packing it all up and moving. She said providing mobile storage bins like the COWs for those in the area is one way they can help make moving more fun.

“The moving experience is never a fun time for anyone,” she said. “These COWs are meant to lighten up the atmosphere and make moving a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved.”

She added that the storage containers aren't just for movers, but for those who may find themselves displaced by a natural disaster.

“If there has been damage to someone's home, an emergency response situation or natural disaster these containers are perfect for that,” Allen said. “In these sort of cases we would make a donation to the community by providing the COWs.”

She said what makes the containers so unique is the fact that each unit has a different cow personality displayed on it. Allen's son is a fireman and one of their bins is a cow dressed like a firefighter. She said that particular one is very special to her.

The other COWs that are a part of the herd in Red Oak are a cowboy, a cowgirl, a medieval night, a diva, a flame snorter and a hipster. She said they even have a Duck Dynasty COW available for order.

If those aren't of interest to people, Allen suggests they have their container customized. She said for a nominal fee, based on a submitted photo, the company would draw a caricature of the person and have their face displayed on the COW.

“It's definitely an option, but I wouldn't want to do that,” she said. “I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to look like a cow on the side of a container.”

She said that's just another way for them to take something like this and make it fun.

“They have all kinds of fun with it,” Allen said. “That's the whole idea behind it.”

The delivery and pick up charges for a COW are $50. Allen added that a person is charged $12 per day to use one of the mobile storage facilities.

Allen's family has been in the storage business since the 1960s. She said her father and his brother started a company called Byers Brothers Transfer and Storage in the early ’60s. She said being in the storage business is in her blood.

“I take great pride that this is a family business,” she said. “It matters to us to provide the best customer service experience all the way around.”

The mission of COWs is to provide COWs dealers with the best way to maximize their existing business by capitalizing on the uniqueness of the COWs brand. They do this through equipment, support and programs that will open avenues to new customers and revenue streams. According to the COWs website, they are the fastest growing mobile storage company in the world.

For more information or to rent a COW, contact Lisa Allen at 866-Get-A-COW or visit

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