DALLAS — Republican candidate for Texas Governor Tom Pauken issued the following statement Monday regarding Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement not to seek re-election:

“Governor Perry announced today that he is not running for re-election. I wish the best of luck to Rick for his future endeavors. He has made a significant contribution to Texas history and will not soon be forgotten.

“My opponent most likely will be Greg Abbott. He represents an Austin that has grown stale with insiders inheriting promotions whose primary allegiance is to those who write the big checks. Every day Texans feel they don’t have a voice anymore and that the insiders are running the show.

“As chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, I listened when employers, educators and parents told me we needed more opportunities for vocational education and local control of our public schools — and I did something about it.

“As governor, I will listen to your concerns and represent all Texans. You won’t have to buy my attention.”