To the Editor,

Texas politics may soon see a major change. Those running the GOP are extremists who are out of touch with mainstream Texans. On the national level, the same types vying for power are extreme to the majority of Americans. The Democrats in control of their party also have become extremist liberals. There is no middle ground for either party.

Here in red Texas, the extremists may have the money to win but they are dangerous to our way of life.

There are many in the Republican Party who are more centrists and/or real conservatists opposing the extremist politics, but they do not have clout and are not popular with mainstream Texans ... yet.

The pro-life/abortion issue will become the battle-cry for women to rise up in numbers to eventually defeat the bill that will be approved ... but they also will be the catalyst for getting rid of the extremists and to get voters involved to bring Texas into the 21st century on many issues and revamp questionable leadership, which is long overdue.

Now if only the ever-growing Hispanic population will get out and register to vote and then use their huge numbers for positive change, it will happen more quickly.

Sometime within the next decade we should see the gradual change of improvement Texans need and hope for.  

Once upon a time the Tea Party was a good thing, until it was taken over and abused by GOP extremists. Overall, the “Tea Party” crazies will fail in their attempt to seize control of our federal government and our state, but they will give it a good run.

Hopefully, sanity and good judgment in the end will prevail.

Peter Stern,

Driftwood, Texas