It was great to be back in the world of Camp Gladiator on Monday night. I experienced an amazing workout with CG trainer Lea Dominy. Dominy has two locations in Corsicana, which are in trainer Renee Byrd’s region. I wanted to go check out one of the spots and highlight my experience in this week’s column.

Under the Dome at Corsicana High School, CG contenders prepared for what was sure to be a rough, but exhilarating workout. 

Kicking off functional training week, Dominy and her sidekick and CG trainer Shane Wigley had us doing everything from plank relays to star jumps and weighted bear crawls to squat curls. After not participating in a workout for more than a month, I must admit that I got my can kicked in “The Can” (referring to Corsicana).

The workout was original, challenging, fun, hard and an absolute blast. It was clear that everyone came to work and each time Dominy or Wigley called out a new exercise, you were sure to hear some groans, but no one ever quit. 

Before becoming a trainer for CG, Dominy said she was working in a dentist’s office and hosting seasonal fitness bootcamps. Once she was contacted by Camp Gladiator Divisional Vice President Amy Pylant about being a CG trainer, Dominy said she never looked back and it’s been an amazing ride.

“I get up every morning with excitement,” Dominy said. “I enjoy coming every day and providing amazing workouts for my campers. I wake up with them on my mind and I go to bed with them on my mind.”

She said it’s her goal to ensure that every minute they spend at her workouts counts for something. She wants them to leave feeling good about the work they accomplished.

Byrd said Dominy brings that encouraging and motivating spirit found in all CG trainers.

“Lea is a very encouraging trainer,” Byrd said. “She has a great personable personality and she is so approachable. She just brings a fun energy to the workouts.”

I can definitely attest to that as Dominy danced around with her megaphone in hand, counting us down and encouraging us to endure everything she dished out. She definitely created a fun atmosphere for everyone.

Byrd explained why Dominy’s locations in Corsicana are important to the CG mission.

“Being located in Corsicana is important to the CG mission for several reasons,” she said. “We have a great trainer who believes in supporting her community. She loves her city and the residence in the area love her as their hometown trainer.”

She added that being in the smaller surrounding areas and the smaller communities, keeps their mission real.

“We truly do exists to make a positive impact on the lives of every community,” Byrd expressed. “We believe in our mission, we believe in making fitness affordable and we believe in giving back to our communities and serving others. There’s no better way to live that mission out than to do it in the smaller communities.”

The Dallas South region continues to grow and expand. Byrd said growth means more opportunity to impact lives. For the region specifically, she said they have the opportunity to build their communities through volunteer work, create new relationships through outings and create a relationship between the cities that lie in their region. 

“Our goal is to deplete any division within our region and create one large CG community,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about – family, friends and community.”

It got exactly what I expected from Dominy’s workout. I expected the trainers to take it easy on me, since it had been a while, but in the words of Wigley, “CG trainers don’t know the meaning of the word easy.” He got that one right! There is nothing easy about a CG workout, but then if it was easy every time slot and location would be packed out. The challenge of making it through 60 minutes of amazing is what makes these workouts so great.

Today, I am moving a little bit slower. As my coworkers would put it, ‘you are moving like an 80-year-old lady.’ I would have to say that there are 80-year-old ladies who are getting around a lot better than I am today. But I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world, because you can’t spell change without CG.

To reach Renee Byrd or if you have fitness questions, contact her at 972-741-1271 or Her responses will be posted in next week’s Fit for Thought column, which appears in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Light.