To the Editor,

There is no place in a society of free people for a government agency like the IRS. For 80 years it has been used by administrations of both parties to punish their enemies. All citizens are subject to the IRS. Congress has made it so, if we are charged by the IRS of wrongdoing, we MUST PROVE OURSELVES INNOCENT or pay the penalty. This is just plain wrong.

Today Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, in a press release mentioned “...first steps that have been taken to correct management flaws at the agency...”  Really; management flaws!  Those guilty of behaviors described recently in the media should go to prison. The IRS should be dismantled. Congress should be ashamed.

Finally, in the name of “comprehensive tax reform” the FairTax legislation should be given a fair and public hearing by the Ways and Means committee. This legislation has been in the possession of this committee for over 12 years; it has not been brought to the committee table for consideration. If the FairTax were the law of the land this could never have happened. Contact your congressmen with the message: “Kill the IRS and pass the FairTax.”

Glen E. Terrell

Arlington, Texas

(email published by request)