To the Editor,

It is obvious that an embryo only develops into its own kind. Thus a human embryo will not develop into an ape, chimp, dog, etc., it will only develop into a human. While the youngest fetus that has survived was one at 21 weeks and upon delivery it was called a baby. Thus it is entirely possible that a baby at 20 weeks will survive. There is a good case to be made that it is morally wrong to kill any human being regardless of the developmental stage. However, by 20 weeks it has been medically determined that the fetus can feel pain and thus it is unconscionable to abort at this stage of development. The present bill to forbid abortion after the 20th week is quite reasonable.

I might revive a quote from the ‘70s for Senator Wendy Davis and the abortionistas.  “Ho, Ho, Hey, Hey, how many babies have you killed today.”

David P. Fearis III, M.D.