here are a few really good reasons a traveler will love Puerto Rico. Not only because you can check right into the San Juan Resort and Stellaris Casino Marriott Hotel, which is located just 15 minutes from the airport and boasts white sandy beaches and a casino, but also because you don’t even need a passport to visit. 

Puerto Rico means Rich Port and was named that by the Spanish in the 1500s. Even better, Ponce De Leon is buried there and he thought he found the fountain of youth on this island, not in Florida.

In 1917, Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship and since 1948 have elected their own governor. It is a U.S. territory and in 1952 the Constitution of Puerto Rico was adopted and ratified by the electorate. A democratically elected bicameral legislature is in place, but the United States Congress legislates many fundamental aspects of Puerto Rican life. The old way of life and a feel of old world charm is still all about visiting Puerto Rico in these days, too.

A tour of Old San Juan where you can visit historic forts and old cathedrals is a must. The cobblestones there are blue and were dyed that color from the residue of iron. 

Few activities are as adrenaline pumping as outdoor adventures, the more difficult the better and you can find that in Puerto Rico at an all-day adventure called Oro Negro Waterfall Climb – Rappelling,  Zipline Rainforest Adventure, which fills every need for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. 

On this adventure outdoor lovers can experience Puerto Rico from what is calls the “rooftop of the island.”   

The adventure takes participants not only on a tour of private land flush with green vegetation, steep hillsides and cascading waterfalls, but it’s located on the second highest mountain on the island. There is also a visit to the Toro Negro Rainforest. Even better, it’s just a 90 minute drive outside of San Juan.

There are lots of activities, so let me also suggest Haciendo Campo Rico, where you can do an amphibious ATV ride and a long hike. I did the hike and ride in my flip flops that left me with a big knot on my head, but a smile on my face. 

For a recommended place to stay, the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino located in the Condado region of San Juan, Puerto Rico is perfect after a hard day’s adventure and is located in what is called the “unofficial culinary hub” of the city with local eateries and award-winning restaurants sitting side-by-side. 

The surrounding neighborhood blends local color with tourist amenities and the hotel is complete with a tropical beachfront facing the Atlantic Ocean.

For more information about the Oro Negro Waterfall Climb – Rappelling – Zipline Rainforest Adventure visit http://www.acampapr.com  or www.camporicoziplining.com for details about the Haciendo Campo Rico’s amphibious ATV rides. 

For hotel information, visit http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sjupr-san-juan-marriott-resort-and-stellaris-casino/ or http://www.meetpuertorico.com/.