The FarmGirls are elated, we have a skip in our step and have been amazed with our weather.  

Yes, we have experienced some sweltering hot days but we have had some welcomed relief also! Hopefully with a few days remaining below 92 degrees, cutting back of damaged leaves, a handful of tomato and pepper food, and a drink from the drip irrigation we will see new bloom set on our tomatoes.  

Most of our heirloom tomatoes are indeterminate and have the ability to continue fruiting through the fall.

I have been in the gardening business for about 16 years and I suppose every year I have said something to the effect,  “This has been a weird gardening  year.”  

Well you can quote me, “This year has been a weird year, a good weird year for North Texas gardeners.”  

The repetitive garden showers and cool mornings, birds singing, frogs croaking, overcast days and gentle breezes are blessings for the gardener and rejuvenating for the vegetables.

The proof of a good gardening year is the beautiful plants thriving in the gardens.  

Squash plants with their large yellow blossom and their huge fingered leaves are showy.  Tall okra with its sweet yellow mallow blooms.  The tomato vines towering on tall cages loaded with green, red and yellow fruit. Watermelon vines sprawling around and through the garden with melons dangling and growing from the vine.  

Beautiful vegetable gardens and the bounties of summer harvest are filling the garden baskets with colorful and nutritious vegetables.

Donelle and I added an herb garden this year and we placed a rather large wooden bench in the center of the garden.    This bench has provided a retreat for me.  

Though I cannot work in the garden I can sit and watch the cardinals dive into the compost piles gathering worms and enjoy the fragrance of the herbs.  

We are always mentoring  young  gardeners, including my grandaughter and Donelle’s niece,  Rena Grace who has been visiting us from Washington state.   

We want her to value locally grown food, but she has not always been keen on working in the garden.  So I suggested she bring a book and her brand new American Doll, Caroline and sit with me in the new garden.   

I grabbed a harvest basket and Rena’s baby Caroline, both with long blonde hair, joined me in the garden. We first sat together on the bench, then Rena delved into her book.  I couldn’t resist checking out the tall yellow pear tomato nestled between the rows of tall corn stalks.

I started filling my basket with the yellow pears and it wasn’t long until Rena joined me in the picking frenzy.  

We carried the tomatoes to the house and weighed the tomatoes.  Rena weighed in two and ½ pounds of these yellow beauties.

Rena later joined her Aunt Donelle in cucumber planting. This made a great day for TheFarmGirls as we watched our passion of turning gardening into a joyful experience for others.  

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