The Boomin' and Bloomin' Bash certainly lived up to its name Wednesday with rockin' performances by the Road to the Ranch Bash Battle of the Bands competitors.

The top three bands of 106.9 The Ranch's video contest battled it out for the privilege of opening its Ranch Bash on Oct. 19 at the Panther Pavilion in Fort Worth. Sundance Head, Mockingbyrd Station and Saints Eleven each performed three or four songs for the crowd gathered at the 16th annual Crape Myrtle Festival.

Sundance Head took the stage first and rocked the Waxahachie Sports Complex with its South Texas sound. The group featured its soulful red dirt rock from its debut album “2016 & Gruene” touching on its roots from ZZ Top and blues rock. Named after lead singer Sundance Head, the group is made up of Head, Casey “King” Cowling on drums and “Drop Kick” Dave Walters on bass.

Sundance Head rose in the ranks on The Ranch's online video contest, certainly aided by Head's publicity as an American Idol contest who finished in 13th place.

Head seemed to turn the judges' heads, though the bulk of the festival crowd had yet to fill out the audience stands.

The second performers, Mockingbyrd Station performed their folk style of music to a growing audience. They opened with “South Texas Wind” as the sky became orange and a evening breeze swept over the sports complex fields.

The Denton-based band said they were going to “take you to church” and dedicated their song “23:4” to “the guy Johnny Cash shot in Reno.” The bluegrass, gospel song featuring a fiddle, mandolin and banjo got the audience clapping their hands and slapping their knees.

Saints Eleven took the stage as the festival goers reveled in the cool, evening shade and got a little rowdy with the band's country rock sound. Each of the bands' members boasts 20-plus years playing music and touring though they came together a little more than a year ago. The group played songs from their debut album “I'll Be Fine.”

Though the band has that same Texas, red dirt sound to their music, they brought in a little blues that made them stand out from Sundance Head.

As the night darkened, the bands silenced their instruments for the sound of fireworks exploding and the hopes that the judges had counted them as the top band. The Ranch  will reveal the winner of the Road to the Ranch Bash Battle of the Bands on their website at


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