To the Editor,

I know this letter will probably receive the ridicule of our local Socialist Democrat Propagandist, but it must be said. (Who cares what a tool for the Democrat Party says anyway.)??I have made a horrible error.?When Obamacare was being debated I asked one of the supporters how they would feel when Republicans won and controlled it. My error was regarding the Patriot Act. I apologize for that. I wrongly estimated that any person elected President would have our best interest at heart, even though I disagreed with the methods.??

The Patriot Act, in part, was intended for the government to use warrantless wire taps against people communicating with known terrorist or terrorist organizations. Which the Bush administration did.?Today we have a power hungry socialist Democrat who’s administration is using it to obtain all of our records, wheather we have been in touch with a terrorist or not.??

The sad thing is that even when gathering all of this information on calls, they failed to notice the Boston Bombers … or did they??I am not one for far fetched conspiracy theories. But when this administration has admitted to targeting conservative groups with the IRS, and has all of the phone records they obtained. And some how repeated calls to a terrorist organization were ignored, while the focus was on tax exempt filings by conservative groups, that is odd. So odd that even the question of Barack’s history and the ineptness of Joe Biden is null at the moment. So odd, that I must question if they knew and allowed the Boston attacks to occur.??

The question now is: “Is he that stupid or is he doing it on purpose?”?Which also begs the question, “When they lose an election and become targets, will they shut up and surrender their rights like they expect us to?” Because believe me, I have seen the ineptness of Joe Bid … sorry, that should be Barton. (It’s hard to keep the Joes separated these days.)

Daryl Stanford,