Every day, I was going to rest; but every morning before I would have awakened, I received a phone call.

It was a wonderful week of excitement, unexpected events and making Christmas a litter merrier for many!

I am going to wait one more week to tell you about our beautiful, awesome drive and parking area! I still do not have all the names; but we are so blessed and the driveway is AWESOME!

Sard McClendon and family returned safely from North Carolina and we were SO glad! I would have been tired and stayed in bed; but early the next morning, Sard came out to help an old lady with a couple of things and we are very grateful!

Johnny Fleeman had unexpected guest this week. Thomas and Kenneth Lundberg stopped by for a very enjoyable visit! I asked if  they wanted to talk “boy talk” and should I leave; but they invited me to stay and what a grand time I had. They would tell about olden days and olden people.  They reminisced about their families and other Midlothian families. They had to leave all to early and now I hope I can get Thomas to speak at one of our Evening of Remembrances. It was one fantastic afternoon. I have never met a Lundberg I haven’t loved! Thank all of you for letting me listen!

Tuesday, our FUMC’s Bell Choir went to Mansfield and played  for the nursing home and rehab center. We got to see Mrs. Margaret Wells. She looked great!

Wednesday morning, Cash called and said he was ill. Since he could not go back to school until  he was fever free for 24 hours,  I left by 11:30 to get them. We got home just before we had pizza that night and then went Christmas caroling! We divided into four groups.  I had not undecorated Johnny Fleeman’s trailer from the city’s christmas parade, so we got to carol those living in town.  

There was a couple sitting out on their porch, and we even “caroled”  them driving by their home.  I do not know how many we visited; but I hope everyone enjoyed  the music because we certainly enjoyed providing it. It was a very blessed evening!

Thursday, we could not drive on the new concrete; but we would meet people on the dirt to provide them food.

Friday, many thanks to Karen Cox, JoAnn Baker,  Johnny and Sandi Grant and every one that provided such a great Christmas party at the Senior Citizen Center. The pantry volunteers always seem to enjoy the camaraderie.

Right before I went to the party, Donna Moore invited me to Gerdau Ameristeel to pick up some can goods from their canned food drive. Every one there was extra nice and we are very blessed to get the cans ... especially after giving out almost 3,200 last week!  May God bless you all for being so generous to our seniors! We love you!

Saturday, a HUGE thank you to Don and Jeannie Rivers, their family and their wonderful friends for providing almost 50 meals (giant meals)  to our shut-ins! They have done this for many, many years and I am so blessed to know such terrific people! It is a lot of hard work and preparation to provide and deliver these meals and I want to thank each of you for loving our seniors!

Sunday more blessings came our way by FUMC having a live nativity scene at our pumpkin patch.

It certainly “brought you back” to that little baby boy!

We got to get the other two boys; so Hershal, Uncle Johnny and I are happy! All four anxiously awaited Santa and God has his Boy home so all is right with the world!

Please pray for all those you know that are ill or in need of prayer. Folks, please pray extra hard for my special senior. We just need him well!

Have a very safe and joyous New Year.

Check on your seniors and tell them you love them.  



Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.