As we close out the end of another year, let’s take a moment to honor what has become a Daily Light tradition of making predictions for the year ahead. Before we get out the crystal ball and make our prognostication of what will take place in 2013 (to be published in Wednesday’s edition), we thought we would take this opportunity to get out the scorecard and see how well we did on our 2012 predictions and how well our crystal ball is working.

In our Jan. 1, 2012 edition, we predicted:

• On WISD, we made two predictions. First, we predicted it was going to be a big year for Waxahachie football. While the Tribe had a good season, we fell a little short in our prognostication they would be playing football in December.

In our other WISD prediction, we said the district would begin discussions on another bond referendum, primarily to address facility needs at the high school, noting it would likely be 2013 before the Board of Trustees called for a referendum.

We hit that one right on the mark.

• On politics, we said, “2012 will be the absolute worst year in modern history for negative campaigns and pandering from politicians, testing our ability to believe in anything those who want to lead our nation have to say.”

Again, bulls-eye. We would even say dead center.

• On the economy, we said, “Blame 2012 on being an election year for nothing getting done by our elected officials. Unemployment, again, will remain the top economic issue throughout 2012, both nationally and locally. … We see little change in the jobless rate.”

While there were many other issues dominating economic news during the year (including the impending fiscal cliff), we were pretty much on the mark for our prediction.

We also said 2012 will be the year of sun and water, predicting the drought would continue throughout much of the nation while solar storms would also dominate headlines during year, posing risks to the technology which serves as the engine for pretty much everything we do.

While the drought continued for much of the country (with Ellis County thankfully receiving above average rainfall), the solar storms were smaller and less frequent than projected (although there were a few isolated disruptions caused by solar activity).

While we were off of the bulls-eye by a few rings on that one, we were still on the target, so we’re giving ourselves partial credit on that one.

Look for our 2013 predictions in Wednesday’s edition and this time next year, we’ll see if our batting average holds up. On behalf of everyone at the Daily Light, we wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for making us part of your daily routine.