Ennis Weather Snapshot


The normal low temperature for this time of year is 36 degrees. The normal high is 56 degrees.


Date                                      Low   High  Precip.       Max. wind gust

Monday, Dec. 17                           46     61     0.00            SW at 21 mph.

Tuesday, Dec. 18                 41     78     0.00            SW at 24 mph.

Wednesday, Dec. 19            62     78     0.11           W at 42 mph.

Thursday, Dec. 20               37     59     0.00           W at 42 mph.

Friday, Dec. 21                     29     63     0.00           SW at 18 mph.

Saturday, Dec. 22                 37     64     0.00           SW at 32 mph.

Sunday, Dec. 23                   51     65     0.00           SW at 29 mph.


The temperature range for Dec. 17-23, 2012 – 29 to 78 degrees. Total rainfall – 0.11 of an inch.


Precipitation for Month:

December rainfall as of Dec. 23, 2012 – 0.45 of an inch. Normal rainfall for all of December – 3.78 inches.


Precipitation for Year:

Rainfall January through Dec. 23, 2012 – 30.24 inches. Normal rainfall January through December – 40.84 inches.

This Week’s Weather Quiz:

Christmas Day December 25, I recorded a low temperature of 5 degrees with a high of only 18 degrees and partly cloudy skies. What year did I record this bitterly cold Christmas Day? (a) 1983 (b) 1988 (c) 1993 (d) 1999 Christmas Day December 25 – At 8 a.m. a trace of snow was on the grassy areas and cars that fell Christmas Eve Day in Ennis. At D.F.W. three inches was on the ground, one half of an inch at Cedar Hill and Richardson had two inches. What year did this weather event occur? (a) 1989 (b) 1994 (c) 2000 (d) 2009 Christmas Day December 25 – a rare blanket of snow greeted residents in south Texas on Christmas morning. The snow began on Christmas Eve and began melting late on Christmas Day. Corpus Christi received 4.4 inches, Victoria saw its first snowfall in 86 years with more than 10 inches. Brazoria County had 13 inches, Galveston 3 to 4 inches, 1.5 inches in Brownsville and Houston had snow flurries. What year did this strange weather event occur? (a) 2004 (b) 2007 (c) 2009 (d) 2011 The coldest temperature I have recorded in Ennis during the 39 years I have recorded our weather is minus 4 degrees. When did I record this very cold temperature in Ennis? (a) Dec. 23, 1989 (b) Dec. 16, 1983 (c) Dec. 30, 2000 (d) Dec. 19, 2005 December 16 I recorded 3 ½ inches of snow on the ground in Ennis. What year did this snowfall occur in Ennis? (a) Dec. 16, 1983 (b) Dec. 20, 1987 (c) Dec. 26, 1991 (d) Dec. 29, 1996


Weather Highlights:

It hasn’t been too long ago that I wrote about this topic but since the current drought is still on-going as of December 23, I thought I would give you an update on this subject.

As you well know, rainfall has been hard to come by lately. When it has rained it hasn’t amounted to to much.

The total rainfall for October this year amounted to only 1.58 inches and November’s total was only 1.02 inches. As of December 23, only 0.45 of an inch has been recorded in December. That is only 2.60 inches of rain in the last 84 days.

Last year December brought some welcomed rains. After a very dry January through November, December brought 5.06 inches of rain.

This year has also been dry after a very wet start to the year. The rainfall of December 2011 continued into January 2012 with 5.77 inches. February had 3.09 inches and March had 4.95 inches. A combined total of 13.81 inches fell during the first three months of this year. Since then, April through December 23, has produced only 16.64 inches.

As of December 23 this year, I have recorded only 30.34 inches of rain. Through the same period last year, January through December 23, I recorded a total of only 25.35 inches. We ended the year with 25.84 inches. This year hasn’t been quite as dry, about five inches more than we had at this time last year.

However, so far this December hasn’t been like last years wet December. This December has been dry. I’ve only recorded 0.45 of an inch of rain as of December 23.

If this December is going to be wet like last December, it had better hurry up, because this December is almost gone.

I thought you might want to see the lake levels again and see how much below normal they are. They are not quite as low as last year before the December through March rains filled them up, but they are getting very low again.

Cedar Creek – 3.87 feet below normal, Lake Fork Resevoir – 4.59 feet below normal, Joe Pool Lake – 2.73 feet below normal, Lavon – 8.99 feet below normal, Possum Kingdom – 9.64 feet below normal, Lake Ray Hubbard – 4.28 feet below normal, Lake Lewisville – 6.37 feet below normal, Richland Chambers – 4.81feet below normal, Lake Tawakoni – 4.68 feet below normal, Lake Texoma – 5.08 feet below normal, Lake Whitney – 8.00 feet below normal, and Lake Bardwell – 3.59 feet below normal.



Weather Flashbacks for Dec. 17-23:

Dec. 17, 2011 – low temperature 34 degrees; high temperature 56 degrees. Fair skies.

Dec. 18, 2011 – low temperature 42 degrees; high temperature 57 degrees. Cloudy and cool.

Dec. 19, 2011 – low temperature 49 degrees; high temperature 66 degrees. Cloudy with 0.94 of an inch of rain.

Dec. 20, 2011 – low temperature, 44 degrees; high temperature 53 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Bardwell Lake was five feet below normal due to the severe drought of the last 14 months.

Dec. 21, 2011 – low temperature 34 degrees; high temperature 48 degrees. Cloudy and cold.

Dec. 22, 2011 – low temperature 44 degrees; high temperature 62 degrees. Cloudy to partly cloudy with dense morning fog.

Dec. 23, 2011 – low temperature 40 degrees; high temperature only 42 degrees. Cloudy and cold.


This Week’s Small Texas Town Salute:

Copper Canyon – population 1,334, located in Denton County in north central Texas.

Fulton – population 1,358, located in Aransas County on the coastal plain.

Munday – population 1,300, located in Knox County in northwest Texas.

Somerville – population 1,376, located in Burleson County in east central Texas.

Big Sandy – population 1,343, located in Upshur County in east Texas.

Muniz – population 1,370, located in Hidalgo County in south Texas

South Point – population 1,376, located in Cameron County in south Texas. It’s the southern most county in Texas.


Answer to Today’s Ennis Weather Quiz:

A – Christmas Day – Dec. 25, 1983 I recorded a temperature of 5 above zero with a high of only 18 degrees and partly cloudy skies. D – Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2009 I recorded a trace of snow on grassy areas and cars. A – Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2004 a rare blanket of snow was on the ground in parts of south Texas. A – The coldest temperature I have recorded in the 39 years I have kept records in Ennis is minus 4 degrees on Dec. 23, 1989. A – Dec. 16, 1983 I recorded 3 ½ inches of snow on the ground in Ennis. It began at 12:30 a.m. Dec. 16, 1983 there were 3 ½ inches of snow on the ground. It was also the beginning of the December Deep Freeze of 1983 when the temperature stayed below freezing for 12 ½ consecutive days.