To the Editor,

Are you wondering how it was that Boehner and the others in the Republican leadership in Congress royally messed up the debate over the so-called “fiscal cliff” and blew a chance to rock President Obama back onto his heels? Bottom line, they failed to put together a principled strategy and go on the offensive. Herewith are the points where I feel they failed:

• They allowed Obama to set the tone of the debate, framing it by allowing him to chose the subject matter, terminology and definitions.

• They fell into the trap of engaging in Marxist class warfare rhetoric.

• They made a feeble attempt to make the case for emphasizing spending reductions over tax increases too late in the game.

• They failed to illustrate how pitiful the plan put forth by Obama actually was in terms of deficit and debt reduction — that it would actually raise both instead.

• They failed to communicate the unconstitutional power-grab that Obama was insisting upon as being a part of the deal.

The exclamation “You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” could easily be applied to Boehner and the Republican leadership. They have no clue as to who they are dealing with in Obama. When a president uses Marxist arguments, framed within the context of class warfare with an end in mind of total social -re-engineering, and who insists that he be given the unconstitutional power to raise the nation’s debt ceiling (read Article I Section 8 paragraph 2 of the Constitution which states that only Congress has the power of increasing the nation’s indebtedness), then you are not dealing with someone who has any interest in maintaining a free constitutional republic.

Instead, the House should have passed a bill that cut tax rates even lower, outlined departments for elimination or drastic reduction, defunded redundant programs, etc, and forced the Harry Reid-led Senate and Obama to oppose it. They should have talked about giving us a tax cut from the rates we’ve had to pay for a decade. They should have hammered away at how little revenue would be raised by “taxing the rich.” In short, they should have promoted individual liberty from government instead of offering up a cheap knockoff of Obama’s original plan. To do that would have taken vision, resolve, and principled devotion to limited constitutional government. Sadly, it is very apparent that Boehner and the Republican leadership are lacking in all of these qualities.

Frank Kuchar,