To Editor,

Its a sad fact that we remember when and where we were when tragedy strikes. We all carry dates in our hearts and minds like band aides on scares that last for generations. We pass along the history and pray lessons are learned from the actions of others. We point to and blame any and all possible culprits. All the while blinded by outrage, anger, helplessness, pain, tears, and broken hearts.

The Day the Angels Flew

Friday began like most any before,

The bells rang, chatter and laughter filled the halls.

No one dreamed of the tears, the cries, the calls.

The day the angels flew.

The sun shown bright as the rays,

Warmed little ones through the glass.

The Almighty could but weep,

At the sins that would come to pass.

The day the angels flew.

Remember not the evil at work this day.

Their innocence, love, their purity,

The light of these souls is what now must guide our way.

Cherish and hold your angels high,

As they are grounded for but a while.

Wrap them in love and always remember.

The day the angels flew.

What a tiny hand that pries open those gates,

As the souls one by one go by,

Im told Daniel will hold it and patiently wait.

Bask ye in the light and love of the arms of the Lord,

Rest now in eternal peace, as the world cries.

Well never forget these few.

The day the angels flew.

In memory of Daniel Barden. May God wrap his arms around all your families.

Hermon Siffe,