In honor of fulfilling a bet and giving back to the United Way of West Ellis County, City Manager Paul Stevens had his head shaved at the city employee’s Christmas party.

The Waxahachie city employees have always been involved in giving back to the UWWEC for the holidays, Stevens said. And this year was no different, with the exception of him losing his hair.

“We have always been active members of the United Way employee campaign,” Stevens said. “We normally host a carnival to raise funds every year, but this year we wanted to do something more.”

He said while sitting around brainstorming, they chose to set a goal of $5,000, which they wanted to achieve by the employee party. Stevens then informed them that if they achieve the goal, he would shave his head. Not only did they meet the goal, but Stevens said they exceeded it and so he had to fulfill his end of the bargain.

In the presence of city employees, John Walton and Jeff Chambers had the honor of shaving Stevens’ head during the party. Stevens said he had mixed emotions concerning the idea, but eventually realized it didn’t look as bad as he thought.

“At first I was a little apprehensive,” he said. “I have never gone without hair since being a baby, and I wasn’t sure what I would look like. It turned out to look pretty good.”

While he’s OK with his new look, he said his family members weren’t as keen on the idea.

“When my wife saw it for the first time, she had a stunned look on her face,” he said. “She just stood there in silence. And my daughters simply thought I was nuts.”

The family typically takes a Christmas photo to send to friends and relatives, but Stevens said he didn’t even get to be in the photo this year.

“I don’t think it looks that bad,” he stated. “But it makes me look a lot different. So my wife and I chose to have the girl’s photos done for Christmas this year.”

He said if nothing else, his new look has made for a great conversation piece. When people see Stevens out in the community, he said the first question they ask him is, “Did you lose a bet?” This has allowed him the opportunity to share why he did what he did.

“This has drawn a great deal of attention for the United Way,” he said. “And we are just trying to step up and make a difference anyway we can.”

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