To the Editor,

Again, the declaration that the world is about to end did not happen. This time, it was more than the fringe among those of us who believe in the essential truths of Christianity. According to some outstanding documentation, many millions of people who are pretty much New Age spiritualists of sorts the world over were firmly convinced that the world would end today. (It’s kind of nice that it’s more secular folks taking up the date-setting game, and not the fringe among my spiritual peeps, that is, all who gladly confess Christ.)

There are a growing number of followers of God through His Son Jesus Christ who are reversing the Christian contribution to the last days madness by embracing what the Lord Jesus and His holy Apostles really taught in the first place, and giving up last days madness altogether! (Apocalyse 2012 was based on the Mayan calendar, by the way.) But the end of human civilization, human history, and the natural world has been part of a Christian hermeneutical mistake for centuries, which contributed to the last days madness. It did not cause it, but it keeps it alive by failing to rightly teach what Jesus said in pretty plain words.

Jesus told His disciples that the world would end in their natural lifetime.

He was not talking about human history, human civilization, forest fires, nuclear bombs, nor climate change, whether manmade or naturally occurring! He was referring to the covenant world of worship offered to God through the sacrifices brought by all of His Old Covenant people from all over the Land given to them by God, as well as from other nations where they were scattered.

These sacrifices were about to become obsolete by the crucifixion of the Messiah, Whose perfect sacrifice once for all saved all who  believe in His Name, past, present and future forever.  (Believers should read Matthew 23, 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21).  Jesus told His disciples that the City of First Century Jerusalem would be destroyed in the natural lifetimes of many listening to His words. This happened about 40 years later.

We cannot help the fact that we get many things wrong. What we can do, however, is be faithful enough to a good conscience to challenge dogmas that cannot stand a serious test, and make amends, by tolerating interpretations that may not be emotionally popular, even though it has the power to completely reverse the Christian contribution to last  days insanity, and beautifully help us all think “how would we try to make the world better if it’s meant  to last for many more thousands of years….or even more?

In this case, when even  1 out of every 10 Christians possesses the courage to embrace the fact that Jesus taught that He would end a covenant, and replace it with the permanent New Covenant for all believers among all nations forever, the blessings to all areas of life will be incredible for both believers in Christ and all other people!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,