To the Editor,

Recently we were witness to what those on the left consider as “tolerance.” In Lansing, Michigan, the state legislature was meeting to vote on a bill that would allow their citizens to have the freedom to pursue happiness by seeking employment without the coercion of having to join a union. Outside was a rabble of union protestors who, upon seeing a tent set up by Americans for Prosperity who supported the action of the legislature, proceeded to attack those within the tent by tearing it down upon them. In this act they showed no respect for the personal property nor any concern for the safety of the individuals inside.

Prior to their destruction of the tent, a few entered it and destroyed the hotdog vendor’s equipment and inventory, putting him in fear for his life. In another instance, one of the thugs sucker punched a reporter who was going through the crowd asking the protestors why they opposed the bill being voted on within the statehouse. Later, there were calls by union leaders for more such upheaval and a threat that there would be more violence. Even one of the legislators who supported the unions (and in turn is supported financially by them) said that passage of the bill could bring about “blood in the streets.”

Now we learn that another union leader has told the governor of Michigan that he could expect to see them (meaning union thugs) at his daughter’s soccer game. Maybe not a direct threat of harm in the direction of the governor’s daughter, but certainly a thinly veiled one. Such is what we have come to expect from the leadership of the nation’s unions and other leftist organizations. In addition, we seldom hear any condemnation from Democrats as they are as much in the union “pocket” as the unions are in theirs.

Leftist organizations in all governments of a statist nature have followed these tactics. Their purpose was/is to disrupt opposing political parties, using terror tactics and street violence, just like we witnessed in Lansing. Intimidation of smaller groups of individuals upon whom they heap the blame for all societal ills is another one of their methods.

So now when you hear the phrase “look for the union label”, you’ll know just how that label reads.

Frank Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas