The Midlothian ISD Education Foundation’s Star Patrol surprised teachers at four campuses with innovative teaching grant checks early Friday, Dec. 14.

Twice a year MEF awards grants to programs submitted by teachers and judged by the MEF board members. This year, four grants were awarded and presented to teachers by MEF’s Star Patrol as a surprise like the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol. However, the checks these teachers receive aids in educating hundreds of MISD students at several grade levels.

“We visited Longbranch, J.A. Vitovsky, Mt. Peak and T.E. Baxter Elementary Schools and awarded a little more than $14,000 in grants,” MEF Director Marni White said. “We award grants in the spring and fall to support innovative teaching programs that normally couldn’t be funded through the district’s annual budget.”

In total, these grant programs will impact 1,530 students and educate them in innovative ways in many different subjects from kindergarten to fifth grade. The grants include:

• “Soup is Served” is a shared literacy program that will purchase a book for every student in the school. Every family will read the book at home over the course of a month and Longbranch will coordinate activities to go along with the month-long reading program.

MEF awarded $3,712 to the program, which will impact about 700 students in kindergarten through fifth grade in English/Language Arts.

Longbranch Elementary teachers and staff Stacy Germany, Iris Harp, Debbie Damiano, Cay Cowell, Kim Simmons, Janice Kalinec Terrie Money and Martha King submitted the grant application.

• “Heart to Heart Intergenerational” is a project to bring together young children with elderly members of the community by visiting nursing homes and senior living facilities. Students share real world application of TEKS based lessons in social studies, language arts, math and technology.

MEF awarded $3,771 to continue the ongoing program. It annually impacts 200 students in kindergarten through third grade in the subjects listed.

T.E. Baxter Elementary teachers and staff Tammie Moore, Susan Schabron, Chelsea Gildea, Cristin Flaherty, Tiffany Wellman, DeAnna Edmister, Heather Moss, Rachel Eidson, Sarah Claunch and Erica Hardegree submitted the grant application.

• “Balance Board Brainiacs” will bring balance and sensory integration skills to students with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Using Balametrics equipment, the students will be able to improve spatial awareness, motor skills, sequencing, binocular teaming and proprioception processes.

MEF awarded $2,593 to the program, which will impact 30 students in kindergarten through fifth grade in math, arts, technology, reading and writing.

J.A. Vitovsky Elementary teacher Paula Dosckocill submitted the grant application.

• “Oh The Places We Will Go” will allow Mt. Peak students to take virtual field trips for a fraction of the cost of a traditional field trip – all within the safety of a school setting. The grant will fund cutting edge video conferencing equipment and allow students to be a part of places, events and lectures they may not ordinarily be able to afford to attend.

MEF awarded $4,291 to the program, which will impact 600 students in kindergarten through fifth grade in all subjects.

Mt. Peak Elementary teachers and staff Windy Fulmer and Nancy Robertson submitted the grant application.

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