Midlothian ISD and Midlothian High School administration as well as the Midlothian Police Department have issued press releases notifying parents and citizens that threat against the schoolís safety are unsubstantiated.

The Midlothian Police Department issued the following press release regarding claims of violence at Midlothian High School and J.A. Vitovsky Elementary.

ďAs a result of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. the Midlothian Independent School District along with many other school districts have been inundated with information and claims of potential threats to campuses from concerned citizens and students.

The Midlothian ISD and Midlothian Police Department have been diligently monitoring all social media sites and feeds. We have conducted extensive follow-up investigations to substantiate claims of potential violence or threats of weapons. This was an anticipated occurrence due to exam week and a general concern for safety as a result of the Connecticut tragedy.

To date the only two campuses that have been specifically claimed or discussed in social media are Midlothian High School and J.A. Vitovsky Elementary. Each of the claims has been deemed as a third party source of information and each claim of weapons has been unsubstantiated through our investigations and extensive follow up. Each of the claims at this point appears to have been perpetuated by social media and lack of credible and specific information.

Midlothian Police investigators and command staff partnered with the Midlothian ISD Administration working into the early morning hours to track down sources. Numerous interviews were conducted with potential witnesses and persons providing this information. Much of the information was deemed just a perpetuation of existing claims and misinformation from social media. Because of those efforts the investigators and school administration sifted through facts and conjecture to narrow conversations down to three potential sources all of which have been determined to be unreliable or unsubstantiated at this point.

However, because of the nature of the threats, the Midlothian Police Department, in an effort to provide the best security possible will continue to post additional security at every campus for the duration of this week during crucial times for the security of the MISD students and staff.