To the Editor,

Last Friday, Dec. 14, my daily routine was as normal as any other school day! Students came, lesson plans and activities were carried out as usual. We were having a great day… at about 12:15 my students were put down for their daily nap as we do every day, and, as usual it is my time to catch a breath, check my e-mails, go over plans for the remainder of our day and prepare our lessons for the forth-coming week. 

While searching the internet for an edible play dough recipe the breaking news caught my eye … news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Needless to say, I read the news not wanting to believe any of the details.  I turned off the internet and looked over my classroom … 13 small children lay napping in my classroom, in my care!

My mind began to wander … I got up out of my chair and went to the classroom door looking out  through the small glass. Out of curiosity, I opened the door, and looking around and across the highway (no more that 75 feet away from my door) what did I see? An Ellis County Sheriff Deputy! I don’t know how long he had been there, but there he was! Many times, we as citizens, take those deputies for granted as we see their vehicles parked at the detention center, the coffee shop or café, having a car stopped, or just driving down the highway or even along a country road.

My place of employment, as well as my residence, is in a small farming community in south Ellis County. We are the only school in the county that is in an unincorporated area.  There is no police protection for our community except for the ECSD. Many, many times our sheriff’s department, too, is taken for granted.  NOT ANYMORE … they were not summoned by our school to come, but responded to a situation hundreds of miles away. Why? Looking out for the vested interest for our school: its faculty, staff, and our students … while we were at a safe place!

Not enough can be said for the law enforcement of our county: The Ellis County Sheriff Department and its leader Sheriff Johnny Brown. I want to personally thank you for your service to us and I truly believe that I speak from everyone here at our school. My heartfelt gratitude to the ECSD for your concern and watching over our community as you did. 

Sue Morrison, PreK 3 Teacher

Avalon ISD Avalon


P. S. As I arrived at school on Monday morning around 7:30  once again there was the Ellis County Deputy patrolling  the area of our school and community.